Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tree Cutting Time

Hi there!  It's my day to show you a super cute file from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!
How many of you actually cut your Christmas Tree down?  I think it would be a ton of fun to drive up into the mountains and scout for that perfect Christmas Tree… I live in the desert, so no tromping through the woods, or climbing any mountains to find one… but I picture this little guy doing just that!!

I used the file, Christmas Car with this sweet little Penguin driving home with his freshly cut tree… he looks cold… Brrrrrr  I embossed the car and then added snowflake brads for the tires.  I then cut a simple box by hand.  I plan to put a small tree ornament inside and hand deliver to a friend.

What do you think?  This file would be a great card or used as a tag on a package… I would love to know how you use it!!

Check out this file and tons of other cute and festive cuts at Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!  The files are so quick and easy to put together… Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Super cute!! This will be the first year ever to tromp through snow into the mountains to pick out our own tree ;) I'll be posting about my adventure sometime in the next few weeks, if you want to check out my blog -

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