Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gift Wrapped

I love gift wrapping things… I should volunteer at a department store during the holidays just so I can wrap… NOT…but I do enjoy making my own kind of gift wrap!!

I sell Younique make-up… I absolutley love the products- especially the 3D Fiber Mascara… I like to think of it as Magic Mascara… I like to have some on hand for ladies to purchase for immediate satisfaction… so for Christmas, I thought I would package them real cute so they could be given as a gift for someone or of course as a special holiday treat for oneself!!

I found these cute boxes at MyScrapChick and just placed the box in the back, so the mascara wouldn't hide the cuteness!!  Worked perfectly!!

I love the cute Snowman… he went together so quickly!!  He reminds me of Frosty!!

I also am loving the Gingerbread man this year… so I thought I would "whip up a batch" of these little men too… what do you think??

Let me know if you wear Younique's Mascara … if you haven't tried it… make sure to check it out, as it is the Hottest make up item right now… You can order it on line and have it shipped directly to you!

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