Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Warmth

I love making Boa scarves… I think I have made one in every color… so easy to make and I love the feel of them around my neck… just enough warmth without  being bulky and hot!  I thought they would make great Christmas gifts too.

I made several of them and wanted to package them up real cute… I found some adorable files at My Scrap Chick for these cuties...

There is a shadow under his nose!
I made this adorable Santa topper and had fun embossing him.  Lots of little pieces to put together but the end result was worth it I think.

I also found this adorable Polar Bear that went together very quickly!  I made his scarf and hat the same color as the boa I put inside…

And then the snowflake… I couldn't wait to cut this one out, and failed to measure… so it is bigger than the package itself, but it worked!

What do you think?

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