Sunday, September 14, 2014

Something a little "Younique!"

Yep, I just became a Younique Presenter!  I never in a million years thought I would do something like this, as I for one, can't sell a thing!!  But, I am not really in it to "sell" yes, I do sell it, but I loved the product so much, I wanted the kit with all the fun pretty colors and mascara… that I bought the kit which automatically made me a Presenter!!  :)  Funny story really…

If you are new to the Younique make-up line…it is close to Bare Minerals (which I have used for years and love it) and MAC- which has some pretty awesome eye shadows.  Younique however, is cruelty free- never tested on animals, gluten free, chemical free, and natural.  I worry about what I put in my body, so why shouldn't I worry about what goes on it?

The best seller is the 3D Fiber Mascara, and if you haven't tried it, you are missing out!  The best mascara out there… it totally magnifies your lashes 300% and is safe and natural for your eyes.  Check it out here

I wanted to make sure I sent Thank Yous to those that purchase from me, so I made Thank you cards and added a little goodie to go along with it.  I think they turned out pretty!!

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