Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Ha!  How about this for an anniversary card for my hubby??  OK, so its not very romantic but then I never make a romantic card come to think of it…  this one kind of "happened" and I actually really like the way it turned out!!

I thought I would skip the card this year, or maybe make one another day, but I got to looking at all my files and saw this one, and thought, that would make a perfect gift box.  I cut out the gun box from SVGcutting files, but couldn't figure out how to make the box work… I admit, I was a little tired, and I have no patience, so after spending an hour figuring out how the gun box went together, I decided, I would make a card out it instead!

I sized it pretty big, so it would be a good size for a card, I might have sized it a little too big, but I welded the gun base and added the layers.  I then cut out the Love Bandit also from SVGcutting files, and he turned out darling, and it was a perfect fit!!  My hubby is into guns so he might actually really like this card!!

I admit, its unconventional, but I think that is why I like so much!!

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby!!  Our Anniversary is July 4th!  15 years and counting…

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