Saturday, March 15, 2014

Call Me...

I am just giddy about this phone… I absolutely remember the old rotary dial phones, and how they were hard wired into the walls… Hahahahahahaha… Can you imagine, being tied to a wall??

This cut is from SVGCuts, and I had a fun time putting it together!!  It is a darling box, and the handset is separate too.  It looks like a real vintage phone!

It is a box, as the lid opens up for a nice small gift!  I added curling ribbon so it would look like the cord  on the handset!!  Isn't that adorable??  Added a pretty pink ribbon to accent the front!

I plan to take it to work and set on my desk…

Thanks for looking!!


  1. wow!! this is amazing and I love the fun paper you used :-)

  2. OMGosh, this box is so cool and yes, I so remember those phones and kinda' miss them. lol I guess it is the nostalgia that I miss. lol Hugs