Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Owl"about this card

OK, this is one of my favorite cards… of course, its an Owl!!  This was a file I found at Kadoodle Bug Designs! 

I thought this was darling, and I had so much fun putting her together!!  I am not much of a card maker, and prefer "building" things, but this one was different!  I welded the base for a card and then just added dimensionals to really make it pop!!

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grab your iPod...

This is such a darling iPod treat box from My Scrap Chick!!

I don't go running without my iPod, music really helps me through some tough miles!  As I am starting  Marathon training season, I found this box, and thought what a perfect treat to make for friends that help support me in my running efforts!!

I embossed the box and using Jaded Blossom stamp set, stamped in the open area of the box!  Super cute!!  The box fits a Gift Card, and I thought an iTunes card would be perfect for this gift!!

Who wants to go on a run???

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Call Me...

I am just giddy about this phone… I absolutely remember the old rotary dial phones, and how they were hard wired into the walls… Hahahahahahaha… Can you imagine, being tied to a wall??

This cut is from SVGCuts, and I had a fun time putting it together!!  It is a darling box, and the handset is separate too.  It looks like a real vintage phone!

It is a box, as the lid opens up for a nice small gift!  I added curling ribbon so it would look like the cord  on the handset!!  Isn't that adorable??  Added a pretty pink ribbon to accent the front!

I plan to take it to work and set on my desk…

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

No "Pudge" brownies

I love the No "Pudge" brownies mix!!  They are chewy brownies made with yogurt and a little more healthier than the others… and taste delicious!!  Once I found the brownie mix at the grocery store, I thought I would make a batch to share…( isn't that quite thoughtful of me??)  Hahahahaha… actually, I only shared two, as I cut them into bite sized pieces and wrapped up real pretty so it would fit nicely in this darling…Pig Belly Box!!!

Oh, my goodness… this such a cute little box!!  This box is found at My Scrap Chick.  There are so many of these cute little "belly-boxes" that once you get one, you will want to get them all!!

The box goes together so easily, and fun to embellish… the possibilities are endless really!!  I thought this would be a great birthday gift for a friend of mine… (health conscience) so I went ahead and made a card that coordinates with the box… now how cute is this…
The card comes complete with the base and layers, it went together so quickly!!  That little Pig is so darling, I almost hate to give her away!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spa Tote!

I absolutely loved this Spa tote file from My Scrap Chick … I thought this would be a perfect post for my Birthday!!  What a better way to spend the day, any day for that matter than at the Spa, or just having Spa-like things to make you feel like you are at the Spa…(No, I am not at the Spa today…)

This tote was so easy to put together… I sized it a little bigger as I want to put a couple of items in there that would be necessary for a do-it-yourself spa-like day!

I punched holes on both sides and added ribbon for a handle- filled it with a tiny candle, hairbands, face mask, oh, and a Spa Gift Card… so I can actually go to the Spa some day soon!!

What do you think?  Cute for a gift?

Thanks for stopping by...