Saturday, January 4, 2014

Little Box of Sunshine!!

I am so very lucky to live in the Valley of the Sun, while so many are stuck shoveling snow and ice!  My mom lives where its cold and I thought she could use a little sunshine!!

I never knew how hard it was to find YELLOW items when you are looking for them!  All year long I see such clever and vibrant yellow items hat are non-existent this time of year!  (Note to self:  buy these things when you see them for next "Sunshine box!")

I added liquid Bath and Body soap, lotion, shower gel, tea, stickers, candy, knitted hat, and a few other things… put in a box, and added a BIG SMILEY face I found at Fleurette Bloom   Turned out cute!  I hope it puts a SMILE on my moms face as well as brings her a little sunshine!!

Love you mom!! ( You are the only one reading this blog!)  Look for this in your mailbox next week!


  1. Hey, I read your blog! Ha!

    What a darling gift! I bet Auntie Karan loves it!

  2. That's a great idea Tina! I hope it brings some much needed warm sunshine to your mom. I know all about the cold temps and wished I was living where you are. lol We are supposed to be negative 28 tonight, not liking it but can't change it. lol Now that Christmas is over and life is starting to return to somewhat normal (still have hubby's chemo every other week) I should be able to comment once again.