Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harvest basket

OK... if there is anything better than a caramel apple, I don't know what it would be???  Check out this darling little basket for just that, a caramel apple or something like that... this cut is from SVGcuts, and I fell in love with this little bushell basket.

Pretty simple to put together, as it goes together quickly.  I think next time I would use a pretty ribbon to go around it.  I got lazy and glued silk leaves to the basket to add some dimension, but once you throw the caramel coated apple goody inside, I don't think you need any distraction from that... right?  Hahahahahahaha   Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

She's got legs...

Darling card!   So easy to put together, yet, it looks like I spent hours on it!   Well, I did take some time choosing paper, and I was limited on Halloween paper, so I used what I had in my stash... What do you think?  Sending this one to my mom... Cut is from SVGcuts.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skeleton Dance

My mom had the cutest Halloween decorations growing up, and I think I would rather decorate for Halloween than Christmas...I remember a 6 ft skeleton with movable parts we would hang on the door every year.  He got so used, he was pretty much put together with scotch tape, but he was my favorite decoration.  Trust me, when I saw this cut from SVGcuts, I knew I would have to buy the kit!

He was super simple to put together.  I used small brads, which left him very "loose" so I bought bigger brads, and now he poses any way I like!  Lots of fun!  I think he would be cute as a "she" and add a hat or boa, or something decorative.  I like him simple, similar to the one my mom let us play with every year.  ( Mine isn't as big!)  Hahahaha

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nail polish box

OK... this one is not Cricut or Cameo, but a template I found on Pinterest... darling!!  So very easy to create, and would make a great party favor or a nice little Thank You!!

I found the template here.  Such a cute blog and great instructions!!  Thank you!  I Love Pinterest!

I made a few... but I loved the Dr. Seuss paper... and figured, I could use these occasion... what do you think?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Duck Commander

OK... this was just for fun!!!  I found this darling file that someone had created, and I don't know who- I love to give credit where credit is due-  My hubby likes the TV show Duck Dynasty, and I thought this would look cute on his truck.

I put it a little too close to the stamp on the window- Toyota-  dark in the garage when I did it... He probably won't even notice it!!  :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Believe in yourself...

Lately, I have been enjoying making myself things... just like this shirt.  I bought the t-shirt for $4.00 with intentions of putting something on it... I found this phrase in my stash, and thought this would be a nice though while working out... yes, its yet another workout shirt!

I cut it out on Freezer Paper (shiny side up) and flipped the image and ironed onto the shirt (shiny side down)...and used fabric paint!  So very simple, yet the shirt looks like I would have spent more that $4.00 on it... Right???

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Candy Corn??

I wish I could say I love Candy Corn as much as I loved putting this little "Corn" together!!  It's fat free,  not the worst candy you could eat, yet, I can't bring myself to eat it???  But, look at this... so, so cute!!  Fun and easy to put together, which is always the best part!  When a project looks like you spent hours putting it together, that is a sign of a great file...

This was another FREEBIE from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons.  He was adorable and something I knew I would have to make this time of year... I made 10 of them for my staff.  I plan to fill the little bag full of Candy Corn.

I made this little bag from the same source, Pretty Paper, Paper Ribbons a few weeks back.  I cut it as the size I imported it and put vellum in the circle ( embossed it) and put the box together... again, very simple to do.  1 bag down, 9 more to go...  What do you think?  CUTE??


This has got to be my all time favorite cut from CAC... I think its the only reason I bought that cart!!  I made these cute Mr. Peanut guys for my staff at work!  It's been "Nuts" there lately...  :)

Friday, September 6, 2013


Who wouldn't want to receive a gift packed into this darling backpack?  Well, I would!!  This little backpack is big enough for a nice sized gift... I like the backpack, as it reminds me of school and higher education... that is always something to celebrate!  This could be used as a Teacher gift, or a gift of thanks for help received, or a Good Luck gift!!  Using the right paper and theme... it could be anything you wanted, including a Santa backpack..    Maybe, that's pushing it a bit!  Hahahaha

I bought this file from SVGCuts!!  So cute!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Here Kitty, kitty!

Found the cutest HK files during a recent SVGcutting files Blog Hop!!  I have the Cricut Cartridge of HK and used it often, but I LOVED these files as they were so unique, and several of them I knew I could use right away and others saved for the "right time!"

First up, was the HK from Ashley, at The Glamorous Side of Scrapping.
I just loved the little Nurse/doctor file...She definitely would bring a little cheer to someone not well.  I made her using some scraps I had, not the best idea because, I couldn't find any paper to match when it came to making the right package for her... so I used her as an embellishment for an item I purchased for my mom.  She is darling, and thank heavens my mom isn't sick... but I bought her some homeopathic sleep cream... its supposed to help you sleep better... I think it works!  Hahahahahahaha

Second up, was this darling little Cowgirl/boy... my goodness, this was cute!! This file I found at Michelle's blog, Scrappinwithmybug.   I made a card from this file, first time welding on the Cameo... so much to learn, makes me miss playing with the Cricut, a little... anyways, I made this card for my great nephew who is 2.  He was recently kicked in the head by a horse.  He was flown to Primary Children's Hospital where he remains in critcal condition.  He is responding a little more and more every day, but 2 weeks now... keeping him in my prayers, of course.  2 years old!!  Hopefully, this isn't too girly for him, as he is a little "cowboy" at heart.  Perhaps, his mom could use some cheering up as well!!

Thanks for the files SVGcutting file DT!!  They came in handy!!