Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mardi Gras Mask- Birthday Card

Made a card for a friend at work... I heard her saying that she was a huge fan of the Mardi Gras and that it came on her birthday or around it... but her birthday is at the end of the month and I think Mardi Gras was weeks ago... oh well, I made this with her in mind... so this will be her card!

I used Over the Hill and cut the mask in her favorite color, purple.  I love the overlay, but using glitter to outline it was tedious... but it looks great now that it sparkles.  I used the iRock to place the gems and then added some black feathers on a pipe cleaner and hot glued it to the back of the card.  Thoughts?  Not really sure what it should look like... but here is my version of a Mardi Gras mask!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Robot

Oh, I have fallen in love with these little guys... I thought I would make one for me!  I could use something on my desk to remind me that I am NOT a Robot!!  Hahahaha... didn't she turn out pretty?  I think one could go crazy in "accessorizing" these cuties... I did give her some earrings and a bow!

I put my own PK face on her... those little pieces would make me lose my patience trying to glue them on... :)

Have a nice day!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something about a Truck...

Wow!  It's that time of year again, my Dad's birthday!  My mom says he enjoys my cards... and that is a lot of pressure, since I don't especially care to make them.  I will make cards as needed, but to sit down and make a card just because... well, to me that is WORK!!

So I pondered on what I would make for him this year.  I really had fun last year making his card, I had trouble coming up with something new.  I found this cute Pick Up truck, which is kind of rustic like him, so I decided that would be a good place to start.

I cut the shadow of the truck as the card, and then layered it.  An Old Pick Up truck isn't something one can "trick" out.. so I went conventional.  I put some Birthday presents in the bed of the truck to liven it up a little!!

side view

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Box

I love looking at Pinterest when I get spare time... I get so many great ideas there... I need to organize my boards a little better... so I can find the awesome tricks and ideas and actually use them!!  As I was looking through the boards the other day, I saw the prettiest Tea Box that someone, Flower Foot Designs... had made and posted!  She even posted the tutorial on how to make one... if you can make a box you can make this one for sure.  I took my laptop into my craftroon and followed the directions... She has many cute things on her blog... I hoped mine would turn out as pretty!!

I found the prettiest paper I had and put one together... had to resize a few times as I can't read my cutter lines too well... but once I fugured it out... I was ready to go!!  I made a pretty rose for the top of the box and added some ribbon and leaves.  I think this is so pretty, and it would make an awesome gift for that special "tea" party friend...

I can't wait to make more... what will I do with them?  I have no idea, since I don't have many friends that drink tea... but they were fun to make, so they better start liking tea...  Hahahahaha

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Work out Cards

Well, I needed something to "refresh" my workouts at home... I thought about changing up my routine and came up with an idea... I try and do circuit training... using cardio/strength/resistance/abs...I don't have hours to workout so I try and get the ones that will give me the best workout in the least amount of time...
I decided to make cards with some of my favorite workouts on them... from warm up-cardio-abs-strength and cool down... I thought I could shuffle them like a deck of cards and that way I make sure to do each exercise and not get bored!  ( I won't know which exercise is next...)  I can "run" through them once and get a great calorie burn or go through them twice and double the calories... that will depend on time!

I color coded them, yellow- warm up/green- cardio/orange- abs/red- strength/blue- cool down

I used the Artiste cartridge for the card cut at 4" and then a 2nd card to layer cut at 3-1/4".  Glued them together and then pre-typed the exercise on the PC.  Cut them out and labeled the cards, and then cut out a water bottle at 2" from Sports Mania to add to the back.  I then laminated them!  YIKES!!  They worked out, ( no pun intended) but with the cute water bottle on the back of the card, they created a slight seam in the back.

I guess that's OK, as I am going to be the only one "playing" with them... I will get a BIG binder ring and punch holes so I can keep them together.  Great to put in my purse as well... Hey, you never know, I may just bust them out while waiting in the grocery store or Starbucks... got make good use of my time!!  ( Hahahahaha... no worries, I wouldn't do that!)

Easy to make, but time consuming!  I will add to these as I find new and exciting exercises to throw into the mix!!  Who wants to workout with me???  :)

Thanks for looking...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

Needed some Valentine treats to take to the office, and I thought these would be perfect!
I made 2-1/2" boxes and glued them all together, not before placing some styrofoam in the bottom.

 I thought pretty Valentines paper would be perfect, that way I wouldn't have to "dress" up the boxes too much!!  ( Took the easy way out this time...)  Although they would look good with a Glittery heart on the front...

I then debated between making Cake pops or dipping marshmellows... I thought since I wasn't going to be making a ton... I would go with the marshmellows.  I bought dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips for dipping, and then crushed up about 4 Butterfinger candy bars and rolled them in it!!

Let them dry and then put a celo bag on it tied with bow, and stuck in the box... Cute???

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Romantic Robotz

This was the last cartridge I thought I would ever buy, but I love 3D stuff... so I thought the Robotz would be cute, and they are absolutely SUPER CUTE!!  Fun to make!!  I cut these at 8" and thought they would be fun for Valentines.  Cutting them any smaller would have been too hard to score... as my eyes could barely score these little guys!  Hahahaha...

These would be so much fun for party decorations.  I see these spread out over a table filled with goodies... funny how my mind always takes it to food!!  Anyways, there were several different Robotz to cut, but this one so far is my favorite!  I think I will be making more of these... I just need a reason!!

Thanks for looking...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines for Hubby

Every year, I try and be creative... but then it gets down to a week away, and I get in a hurry to make something!!!  This year is no different.  I realize that whatever I make hubby gets thrown out, so I have no pressure except myself!  :)

I made a heart box using TBBM2 and assembled it.  I cut it at 5.5.  It needed something... so I started adding and adding, and not I am not even sure it looks like a heart... but it will serve its purpose.  I hot glued the cute trim ( not valentines at all...) and then placed a white bow on top.  Cut the phrase, I love you and glittered the heart.  I will be putting a gift card in it... what do you think??

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Winter Hats

I have a goal this year to make 1 hat a month this year, so I would have some on hand to give away as gifts come Christmas time... and I am a little ahead of myself, as I have 3 done in the month of January! Proud of myself!  hahahaha

I have had a lot of fun knitting these hats, they take really no time at all... I try and spread them out so that I don't just "sit" and get it done, as I am in no hurry at all!!!  I enjoy putting different colors together, and seeing the finished product.

The small one is for an infant... a good way to use up some left-over yarn.  I plan to make several of these too, and donate to a Children's Hospital.

You will hopefully, see at least one hat a month on my blog... hoping soon I will learn how to make a scarf... right now I am happy with knitting simple hats!

Thanks for looking...

Valentine crafts are coming next...