Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Pants

Does it get cuter than this?  I don't think so… This cut comes from SVG Cuts and it was a FREE file for their customers!  Merry Christmas!!  This cut was my favorite in the bunch… Santa Pants.  So fun to put together, once you get everything cut out that is…

I made this for a friend at work, I needed something cute to put her gift in, and well… it doesnt' get cuter!  Hahahahaha… One could get carried away with embellishments on this one, but it really doesn't need much!

I am putting some small gifts inside, but the legs are deep, so you could put bottles of wine inside each leg or a a bottle and a pretty wine glass, or tall items, or you could stuff the legs with tissue paper, like I did and place items on top!

I didn't get a lot of Christmas items done this year, I have a couple more to post, but I have been so dang busy, and sick, I haven't had much time to "play."  Merry Christmas everyone!!

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