Saturday, August 3, 2013

Japanese Garden Collection...

Sometimes staying up late on FB can pay off... I was on Fleurette Blooms FB page, and she was asking for guesses on what her newest cutting collection would be... I guessed Halloween and then was allowed a 2nd guess, since no one guessed first time around... so then I guessed Cosmetics...NOPE... but since no one could have guessed this gorgeous collection of hers, she did a random draw... and my name was picked!!!  OK... in the history of my life, I have never won a "random" drawing...ever!!

Look what I won...Japanese Garden

Well, I couldn't wait to make something... and I searched through some paper I had, and decided to make this adorable Japanese Fan.  So very simple to put together, the hardest part was deciding where to place the flowers...personally, I didn't think it needed anything, it was pretty as it was.  I embossed the paper, and used dimensionals so the flowers would stand out... These flowers are beautiful... I think I will make some more in tropical colors... so very pretty and again easy to cut.

I made a box out of a 12X12 piece of paper, and punched around the top, added a ribbon for more color and here you go!!  I plan to fill the box with some real "girly" items...lotions, powders, body spray, etc...

Please visit Fleurette Bloom... such beautiful collections for sale, and she gives freebies away often.  Ladies, you can't miss with this one!!

Thanks for the beautiful collection... more to come!!

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