Sunday, August 4, 2013

Koi Fun

Well, I just had to try to cut this little guy as well from the Japanese Garden Collection I won from Fleurette Bloom.  He is a Koi, and I wondered what I could do with him, and I think he turned out rather "masculine," so perfect for the top of a gift box!!

He went together very easily, as I was not familiar with the Koi itself, but all the pieces came together quickly.

He fit perfectly on a 3x3 box, added some ribbon and Voila!!
I love his "whiskers"  hahahaha

I can say, I had a lot of fun with my "FREE" collection.  I was so excited to win something, that I just had to make good use of my luck!!  I hope this little Koi, brings luck to whoever gets it!!

Thanks for looking!! I would love your feedback!!

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