Friday, July 19, 2013

Strength Training!!

Well, I couldn't resist this cut!!!  I fell in love the minute I saw this one... I am starting to think I should stay off the Internet... especially SVGcutting files!!
I had to make these for my employees... I work for NASM, we provide education courses/materials for Personal Trainers.  I am also a Personal Trainer, and have become quite the fan of using weights lately! Hahahaha- these were perfect!!

I made a "doll" for each of my Representatives.  I loved the hairstyles... and I tried to personalize them by using their favorite color as their shirt and laces.  They turned out a little big, but I am still learning how to use my Cameo... but they will look darling on the whiteboard with their stats, etc!

I put magnets on the back of them so they would hang on the whiteboard... but the picture was taken on my freezer door... not the best picture but there will be plenty more of these in the future- better pictures to come... Hahahahahahaha

Here are a few of them...

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