Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Pills

Found this darling cut at Pretty PapersPretty Ribbons on a FREEBIE day, and had to grab this one... Isn't it cute?  Thank Heavens, I don't have anyone in NEED of a "get well" type of card, but I thought they would be fun to make!  I used Peachy Keen stamps for the faces and added the Big Pack of Tic Tac's to the back... (  My kind of "Prescription Pills") added a ribbon... and there you have it!!
Tic Tac's
It is "front-heavy" so it would be more of a card/gift you would want to take to someone in person as opposed to mailing it!  But, it would be cute as a "Cheer you-up" type of card if someone is feeling down, or in need of some "Happy Pills!"  Aren't we all in need of some of those anyways??  Hahahaha

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  1. These are adorable little get well cards!! And yes, I could use some happy pills some days!! lol