Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chihuahua Love

Love his expression...

Well, anyone that truly knows me, knows that I love my two Chihuahua's more than anything in the entire world.  They are my babies and bring me so much joy each and every day!!!  So imagine my love for this darling cut at SVGcuttung files.  I saw those ears and I was sold...

I couldn't wait to cut this little guy... I cut him at about 3.5 inches-ish and he was so easy to put together.  Normally, I love to stamp the faces but this one was so cute I thought I would piece it together... I used  Glossy Accent Essentials  for his nose- I wanted it to be shiny and wet!

What to do with this precious little pup?  I put this one on a box... just perfect for a gift, but more than likely this will be one I will keep for myself... we'll  see!!   What do you think??

Look at his little face!
Shiny wet nose!