Saturday, May 4, 2013

Party Favors

Another party for my hubby... every year I throw him a party for his birthday, which happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo.  My favorite part about hosting a party is making party favors, which I don't think my hubby understands.  It takes me a while to make 30-40 party favors as he continues to invite people right up to the day of the party, even though I send an Evite- with RSVP instructions.  it's no fun to make party favors if you don't have enough for everyone.

I made enough for those that RSVP'd and a couple of extras... so hopefully, there will be enough!

I went with a Cinco de Mayo theme...I made boxes from Artiste cut at 11" and the lizard was cut at 2.50".  I did bright colors, and I think they turned out nicely.  I baked sugar cookies in the shape of Saguaros- note:  very delicate cookie cutter!!  Yikes!  There you go... easy this year!!!

1 comment:

  1. super cute!! you put lots of hard work into those I am sure they will be a hit!