Friday, May 24, 2013

Card File

I love Sock Monkey's and I don't even own a real one!!  I wonder how that happened... Hahahahahaha... I found some really cute Sock Monkey paper and bought a ton of it... now, what to do with it all?
Don't know why this picture shows it distorted... its taller and not so fat!

I have wanted to make the "magazine box" from Artiste for awhile... and thought... hmm... how cute would a Sock Monkey box be... well?  Pretty darn cute!  I wasn't sure what exactly to put in it, so I thought some cards would be nice to have on I cut out some Sock Monkey's using B is for Boy... so what do you think?

The Sock Monkey's were cut at 3" and wow, were the parts tiny!!  Not sure I'll give the cards away, I couldn't bare the thought of someone tossing it after it took so long to glue each tiny piece!  Hahahhahaha


  1. Great project! I love making the sock monkeys from that cart. I do agree, when making them smaller than 4 inches, the parts are itty bitty!

  2. That is adorable and a great gift idea!