Sunday, February 17, 2013

Work out Cards

Well, I needed something to "refresh" my workouts at home... I thought about changing up my routine and came up with an idea... I try and do circuit training... using cardio/strength/resistance/abs...I don't have hours to workout so I try and get the ones that will give me the best workout in the least amount of time...
I decided to make cards with some of my favorite workouts on them... from warm up-cardio-abs-strength and cool down... I thought I could shuffle them like a deck of cards and that way I make sure to do each exercise and not get bored!  ( I won't know which exercise is next...)  I can "run" through them once and get a great calorie burn or go through them twice and double the calories... that will depend on time!

I color coded them, yellow- warm up/green- cardio/orange- abs/red- strength/blue- cool down

I used the Artiste cartridge for the card cut at 4" and then a 2nd card to layer cut at 3-1/4".  Glued them together and then pre-typed the exercise on the PC.  Cut them out and labeled the cards, and then cut out a water bottle at 2" from Sports Mania to add to the back.  I then laminated them!  YIKES!!  They worked out, ( no pun intended) but with the cute water bottle on the back of the card, they created a slight seam in the back.

I guess that's OK, as I am going to be the only one "playing" with them... I will get a BIG binder ring and punch holes so I can keep them together.  Great to put in my purse as well... Hey, you never know, I may just bust them out while waiting in the grocery store or Starbucks... got make good use of my time!!  ( Hahahahaha... no worries, I wouldn't do that!)

Easy to make, but time consuming!  I will add to these as I find new and exciting exercises to throw into the mix!!  Who wants to workout with me???  :)

Thanks for looking...

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  1. Love your cards! There is a deck of cards iPhone workout app called RipDeck based on a similar idea. Give it a try, share with us your fav custom workout and we may feature your workout and blog on our In-App News, Facebook and Twitter.