Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Winter Hats

I have a goal this year to make 1 hat a month this year, so I would have some on hand to give away as gifts come Christmas time... and I am a little ahead of myself, as I have 3 done in the month of January! Proud of myself!  hahahaha

I have had a lot of fun knitting these hats, they take really no time at all... I try and spread them out so that I don't just "sit" and get it done, as I am in no hurry at all!!!  I enjoy putting different colors together, and seeing the finished product.

The small one is for an infant... a good way to use up some left-over yarn.  I plan to make several of these too, and donate to a Children's Hospital.

You will hopefully, see at least one hat a month on my blog... hoping soon I will learn how to make a scarf... right now I am happy with knitting simple hats!

Thanks for looking...

Valentine crafts are coming next...

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