Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

Needed some Valentine treats to take to the office, and I thought these would be perfect!
I made 2-1/2" boxes and glued them all together, not before placing some styrofoam in the bottom.

 I thought pretty Valentines paper would be perfect, that way I wouldn't have to "dress" up the boxes too much!!  ( Took the easy way out this time...)  Although they would look good with a Glittery heart on the front...

I then debated between making Cake pops or dipping marshmellows... I thought since I wasn't going to be making a ton... I would go with the marshmellows.  I bought dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips for dipping, and then crushed up about 4 Butterfinger candy bars and rolled them in it!!

Let them dry and then put a celo bag on it tied with bow, and stuck in the box... Cute???


  1. super cute idea...and i would gobble up a marshmallow much quicker than a cake pop....these look yummy. happy valentine's day!