Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Box

I love looking at Pinterest when I get spare time... I get so many great ideas there... I need to organize my boards a little better... so I can find the awesome tricks and ideas and actually use them!!  As I was looking through the boards the other day, I saw the prettiest Tea Box that someone, Flower Foot Designs... had made and posted!  She even posted the tutorial on how to make one... if you can make a box you can make this one for sure.  I took my laptop into my craftroon and followed the directions... She has many cute things on her blog... I hoped mine would turn out as pretty!!

I found the prettiest paper I had and put one together... had to resize a few times as I can't read my cutter lines too well... but once I fugured it out... I was ready to go!!  I made a pretty rose for the top of the box and added some ribbon and leaves.  I think this is so pretty, and it would make an awesome gift for that special "tea" party friend...

I can't wait to make more... what will I do with them?  I have no idea, since I don't have many friends that drink tea... but they were fun to make, so they better start liking tea...  Hahahahaha

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