Sunday, January 13, 2013


I think every one makes a New Year Resolution to lose some weight... the right way to lose weight is to make sure that the calories you are taking in, is less than the calories you are expending... Eat less, move more!  There is no "magic" pill or shake that you can drink that will make the weight fall off... unless you are looking to put it right back on plus some...

I recently certified as a Weight Loss Coach through NASM.  I realized how simple the concept of losing is, but it isn't easy to do until you change your mind about it.

I challenge all of us to watch what we eat, and move at least 30-45 minutes a day!!  Walk, dance, put a little "umph" in your step while cleaning or folding laundry... any movement is better than no movement at all...

Sometimes we just need a visual to see our success... I found this idea on Pinterest... and put my own spin on it... 2 jars- one will be filled with the pounds you want to lose and put into the other jar marked "Success" as you lose.  Once all the beads/rocks are transferred, you will have a pretty vase to put a flower in it to show off your hard work!!

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