Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I was asked to make some type of "award" for our office.. although, I swore I wasn't going to make anything else for work, as I am not comfortable in having others "critique" my work.  BUT... I agreed to do it one last time- PROMISE!!

I made rosettes using Artiste, cutting 2 at 1-1/2."  Glued them together and then cut two circle per rosette at 3" to place the "ribbon" between.  I found Smiley buttons although I wanted Stars... but I thought these would work just fine and glued them in the middle!

 I added a pin finding to the the back -just in case-

I think they turned out alright...  They are bright and cheery...and has the look of a Gold Star ribbon award... Right?  hahahahhaha

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  1. Cute! Know what you mean about doing stuff for work. LOL