Monday, January 7, 2013

"Beary Thankful" The End

I hate when the Parades are over...I hope everyone had fun this week!!  I sure had fun putting it together for you!

This is one of my favorites, as this week has been dedicated to my mother!  I wanted to send her a "Thank-You" and what better way than a Thank you card and a Hat to match!!  Hahahahaha... I just started learning how to knit on the loom and wanted to make my mom a hat!  The colors at first were a bit "different" as it was called "camo-pink" and I didn't quite think that was fitting for my mom...but as I went along, I really liked the colors and plan to make a hat for myself just like it!!

I cut the Teddy Bear at 3-1/2" dressed her up in a winter hat and sweater- ( that sweater may win next years "Ugly Sweater" contest) but I thought it turned out darling.  I flocked the little teddy bear on the sweater and added her to the Thank you card!

Thank you mom for the Teddy Bear cartridge!!  This week was a blast!!!
Thanks to everyone that took the time to stop by this week to watch the "parade!"  I enjoyed the comments and thoughtfulness!

I will be drawing names for the prizes this weekend!!  Remember: you need to be a follower and left a comment on each day in order to be eligible to win!  It's that easy!!!


  1. Good Job on Hat and Card. I had a great viewing your parade. I am not a follower..not sure how to do that...but I enjoyed your parade and for letting me comment. I hope your Mom enjoys her card and hat.

  2. I love the colors of the hat. its very nice. and your bear card is adorable. I'm sure your mom will love both of them. Thanks for doing the teddy bear parade. :)

  3. That sweater cannot win the "ugly sweater" contest - it is too cute!!! Your mom will love your card.

  4. Your "beary" creations are fantastic!
    Maria S.