Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Beary" Smart- Day 3

Woohoo!!  This parade is taking shape!!  So glad you are all still "watching!"

This bear was a "must-make!"  This litle bear holding a laptop!  Good Grief that is cute... Since I am attached to my laptop, I thought she would be cute on something... but what??

Well, ever notice when you walk through a coffee shop and EVERYONE is in there on their laptops?  I thought  she would look fitting near a cup of coffee or I made a coffee mug using TBBM2- cut at 8" and put together.  It takes a little time to figure this one out, but once you do, it is super easy to glue together.  Using Gypsy Wanderings I cut out the "sun-swirley" at 4.50."  It kind of reminded me of a certain coffee shop... wink, wink!

I added some "steamed" fluff- so it would look more like a Latte, and then put an itunes card and a Starbucks card on a Pixie Stix as well as this "beary" smart bear and stuck in the mug.  I think it turned out cute... Don't you think a College Student would love this??  My college days are in the past, but I would have loved this myself!!

Please come back tomorrow...


  1. all I can say is cute cute cute. Loving all your bears.

  2. Very Cute. I look forward to all your creations. It gives me something to look forward to everyday.

  3. very very cute! love the little nerdy bear :)

  4. She is "beary" cute! You have great ideas!!

  5. I think a college student would love it! I think ANYONE would love it. I know I would!

    Your creativity is awesome! TFS w/ all of us!!! :-)