Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Beary Hungry" Day 2

Hello... and welcome back to the Teddy Bear Parade!
This Bear is one of my favorites!!!  So adorable!  Cut at 3-1/2 "

I knew I wanted to make him right away... but wasn't sure what in the world I would do with him, but my mom had a great suggestion:

Put him on a magnet!  Well... that got my mind thinking in the right direction and I found this cute little white board, and put the Chef Bear on the magnet and Voila!!  He is ready to take my order!!!

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  1. Adorable! Love your cake holders and hats also.

  2. very cute way to do the cheif bear. great job!

  3. How cute is that idea to put him on a menu board. Now I really want to make the chef bear! lol


  4. I yet to use this cart, cute and nice idea will have to get to cutting some of the bears.

  5. I love this on the dry erase board menu. it would awesome on a blackboard too!

  6. OMG, so far this li'l guy is my fav!!! Tooooooo cute! My hubby loves to cook. I must make him something like this. TFS and for the inspiration!