Thursday, September 27, 2012

Witch Hat

OK... this was super fun to make... I saw this cute idea for a hat on one of my favorite blogger site, My Creative Time with Emma!  She has so many, many wonderful ideas and such talent, its fun to visit her site everyday.  She has an awesome Design Team... I aspire one day to be on it... but then I also have a dream to run Boston one day... and I am not sure that will ever happen either!!  hahahhaha

But check out the super cute Witch's Hat!!  I too, was going to make this to wear, and I bought a plastic headband... but that didn't look too cute... so I opted to use it as a luminary instead!

I used my newest favorite cartridge Artiste, and cut the hat at 7" the biggest it would cut... I didn't fill in the stars, so it made it perfect to put a battery operated candle on the inside... I used a black boa and hot glued around the edges, and then a cute bow using my Bow Dabra and placed a little black crow in the middle of it.  I kept thinking it needed something else... but I thought maybe this once, I would go simple... What do you think??

I love to read your comments!!  Hint, hint!!
All lit up!

Inside of hat... my hubby thought the inside was better than the outside??

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Have you ever cut something and realized that you needed a smaller or larger size?  What do you do with the wrong sized cut?  Finish it and make it super cute, because it will come in handy for cards, or embellishments for another project!!  I have been doing this for awhile and have found such great ways to use them... Using a cut that was too small for the original perfectly on a card!  What do you do with your extra cuts?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celebrate with Cigars

OK... these were a fun idea... originally, I was going to make these for my nephew's graduation party... but I thought maybe these were sending the wrong message, even though his Uncle smokes cigars...Hahahaha

I wrapped Rolo candy in brown paper...( literally rolled my own cigars...) and then made a cigar band to go around them and put an icon of whatever the occasion. For these cigars,  I used Cuttin Up for the ribbon cut at 1-1/4" and layer and  and wrapped them up!  My hubby got me a cigar box for presentation, but now I will just keep the cigars in there until needed... they really don't need to be in a humidor... just a cool location!  Hahahahhahaha

Think how cute they would be for a shower or new baby, or whatever... they were fun to make!  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


My mother asked me to make her 20 fans for a group of ladies...I put it off as long as I could, and thought I had better get these done so I can move on to Halloween projects!  hahahahha. Since my mom is my biggest "fan" how could I say no.. I used Formal Occasions and cut the fans and layers at 3-1/2".  I think they are big enough to put a stick behind them and use them as an actual Fan for a breeze, but she will be putting a magnet on them!  I had a couple left over, and frankly, they were too big for me, so I thought since I made these for my mom, and she "claims" she loves my cards, I made two cards for her to give away...

Mom, I hope they were what you wanted...Hahahhaha... ( I am not sure my mom reads my blog...)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little Magic..

Since I bought this cartridge ( it was one of my first...) I have been waiting for a reason to cut this little Magician!!  Isn't he cute??   I cut him at 3-1/2" inches along with his accessories.  I flocked the little bunny... as it need some dimension!  The card base and band were cut from Artiste... finding out the hard way... the biggest the band can be cut is at 4-3/4" so after going through lots of paper, I figured out the "magic" size and going forward... will cut the bands, envelopes first to determine the size I can make the card base!!!

The band fits pretty tightly, so since I was giving a card to my FIL... at 87 years old... I figured I would cut the band and just glue it to the front of the card... it may have taken him some time to slide it off... and the 2nd card shows the band around base.

I hope this Magician brings some "magic" to my FIL... who is pretty lonely in his new home.  ( Home for the Elderly)  He is not a happy camper there... so a goodie box is coming his way!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bravo Box

Everyone likes to hear "Bravo!" or "You're Amazing!"  Right...?  Well, I thought I would make a Bravo Box for me!  I am looking to lose a couple of pounds, and sometimes I need an extra push to get me going... and of course, who doesn't like a little reward for reaching milestones???  I do!  hahahha

I cut this darling box from the Artiste Cart, and of course the flower too.  I cut the envelopes and cards as well all at 3".  I used the stamps that came with this cartridge too... Oh, I love them! They stamp so even and clean!!  On each card, I wrote a "non-food" reward item to draw out with each Lbs milestone... I didn't label them so it will be a surprise each time!!

I challenge each of you to make your own "Bravo Box" for whatever reason you deserve to hear the words "Bravo!! or You're Amazing!"  I would love to get some "non-food" related ideas... flowers, pedicure, massage, VS shopping spree, cricut cartridge... and I forgot some of the others!!!  WOW!  I really will be surprised!  Hahahahaha