Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Recipe Box

Happy Thanksgiving... well almost!
Thanksgiving seems to be the one time of year, that we make some of our favorite dishes.  Some of my favorite dishes at Thanksgiving time is the poblano stuffing and pumpkin soup, my Hubby makes, and my all time favorite are the dinner rolls that my mother makes every year for Thanksgiving.  Every year I try to make them and for whatever reason, they never quite taste like the ones my mom baked...sometimes I wonder if she didn't leave out an ingredient or two...haahhahahaha... She says, its the altitude... wink, wink!!

Anyways, I thought this year, I would put all the recipes we use this Thanksgiving and put in a special box, so we can recreate our favorite dinner each year without having to dig through books, and loose paper each year.  I cut this using the TBBM2 sized at 8"  I loved the paper so much that I didn't think it needed too much more.

The smaller one I cut at 8" as the 1 piece, and the bigger box is cut also at 8" but used two pieces and put together... big difference... literally!  Haha

Smaller box

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