Saturday, October 27, 2012

Glass Block

I am not sure being known as "crafty" at the office is a good thing!  I was asked to make a Trophy for the department that is the best decorated for Halloween.  This will be something that will be passed around year after year.  So this will sit in the winning department year around... I took on the challenge and well, it was the toughest project I ever made.  I guess because I was making it for my office and not myself... so I am not used to "showing-off my creations.  As simple as this one was to make, it was most difficult for many reasons...
I didn't want it to be "Halloween" themed since it would be sitting out all year long but needed enough Halloween tones to make it a Halloween trophy... yes, it was just that confusing!!!
Anyways, here it is...
With lights


  1. I think it turned out just perfect! Awesome job, I bet the office was trilled! TFS!