Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celebrate with Cigars

OK... these were a fun idea... originally, I was going to make these for my nephew's graduation party... but I thought maybe these were sending the wrong message, even though his Uncle smokes cigars...Hahahaha

I wrapped Rolo candy in brown paper...( literally rolled my own cigars...) and then made a cigar band to go around them and put an icon of whatever the occasion. For these cigars,  I used Cuttin Up for the ribbon cut at 1-1/4" and layer and  and wrapped them up!  My hubby got me a cigar box for presentation, but now I will just keep the cigars in there until needed... they really don't need to be in a humidor... just a cool location!  Hahahahhahaha

Think how cute they would be for a shower or new baby, or whatever... they were fun to make!  Enjoy!

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