Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bravo Box

Everyone likes to hear "Bravo!" or "You're Amazing!"  Right...?  Well, I thought I would make a Bravo Box for me!  I am looking to lose a couple of pounds, and sometimes I need an extra push to get me going... and of course, who doesn't like a little reward for reaching milestones???  I do!  hahahha

I cut this darling box from the Artiste Cart, and of course the flower too.  I cut the envelopes and cards as well all at 3".  I used the stamps that came with this cartridge too... Oh, I love them! They stamp so even and clean!!  On each card, I wrote a "non-food" reward item to draw out with each Lbs milestone... I didn't label them so it will be a surprise each time!!

I challenge each of you to make your own "Bravo Box" for whatever reason you deserve to hear the words "Bravo!! or You're Amazing!"  I would love to get some "non-food" related ideas... flowers, pedicure, massage, VS shopping spree, cricut cartridge... and I forgot some of the others!!!  WOW!  I really will be surprised!  Hahahahaha


  1. Gorgeous and clever project!! Beautiful! I love that it is all from Artiste package! So easy!

    Thank you for the size info too!

    All of your projects are always so lovely!!

  2. This turned out so pretty!! I am all about motivational things too!

  3. What a wonderful self way-to-go-girl idea!
    Yes, we need to take care of ourselves and
    be proud of our accomplishments.
    Thank you for sharing this terrific idea.