Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little Magic..

Since I bought this cartridge ( it was one of my first...) I have been waiting for a reason to cut this little Magician!!  Isn't he cute??   I cut him at 3-1/2" inches along with his accessories.  I flocked the little bunny... as it need some dimension!  The card base and band were cut from Artiste... finding out the hard way... the biggest the band can be cut is at 4-3/4" so after going through lots of paper, I figured out the "magic" size and going forward... will cut the bands, envelopes first to determine the size I can make the card base!!!

The band fits pretty tightly, so since I was giving a card to my FIL... at 87 years old... I figured I would cut the band and just glue it to the front of the card... it may have taken him some time to slide it off... and the 2nd card shows the band around base.

I hope this Magician brings some "magic" to my FIL... who is pretty lonely in his new home.  ( Home for the Elderly)  He is not a happy camper there... so a goodie box is coming his way!!

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