Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taste of AZ

I wanted to make this cute little bag from the Artiste cart... I thought "sunny" yellow would be cheery... and the right color for AZ... as we are definitely SUNNY here!  Hahahhaha.... I thought a cute little lizard would would "warm" the little bag up... so I cut him from Life's a Beach...I think putting some lip balm and sunscreen would fit perfectly in there...

 Since, I had a couple of wine glasses left... yep... just a few more for you all... hahahahha  I added a "Sunglass" to pair as a gift for someone...Now, I need a reason to give this away...

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Perfect project for a wine drinker. Love, Love, it.

  2. Love that sun wearing sunglasses. :)