Friday, August 17, 2012

"Speedy Recovery"

Made this for my mom, as of course, we all wish her a "speedy" recovery!! She recently had major surgery performed on her arm...I saw this race car on "Beep Beep" lite cartridge, and thought that would be a cute idea...well...the Race car cut at 4" turned out to be like 8" across... so it was a little big... so I thought I would put that on bag of M&M's .  I made a band to go around the bag of candy and then adhered the race care to the band.  I made a smaller version of the race car for a card.  Not very girly, but the idea was cute!!


  1. How cute! Love the star embossing you used.

  2. Real cute card, hope your mum is well again soon. I'm a new follower.