Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CPT Celebration

Cheers!!  I passed my CPT Exam and was pretty proud of myself!  I needed something to toast a celebration drink in...don't you think?  So I made a glass just for me!!!  I am not a wine drinker, but anything you put in it looks festive!  Cheers!!!


  1. Congrats on passing. What vinyl do you use? I hate the shiny of the outdoor vinyl, but am afraid it will not last on glass and the like.

    Advice??? I am pretty new to vinyl but LOVE it.

    1. Elsie- use regular Cricut vinyl... I wash it in the dishwaser no problems, and I have it on my car in the AZ heat and its still there looking new! I know there are other brands with fancy colors...I haven't tried them.. Good luck!!

  2. I use the same vinyl, I love it!! Your glasses are fab!!