Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Not sure how it happened, but I volunteered to make Calendar pages for a Baby Shower we are having at work.  We will be guessing the day the baby is born as well as weight, and time of day!  $1.00 a guess!  So I made a calendar for the months of May and June.  The Mother to be, is having a girl, but not real fond of the color PINK!  WHAT???  My favorite color and all... so what to do?  I went purple...I hunted through all my scraps to find purples to match and something cute for the Onesie's...This was as girlish as I had in that color...Oh well, it will work!  Not my finest work, but for the purpose it was intended for, it turned out OK...They did however, make me want to make myself a Calendar next year...:)  This was my first time using Designer Calendars... An  Awesome cartridge to own.  Lots and lots of little extras on there...

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