Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Altered Clip Board

I have wanted to make one for a couple of years now, or maybe I should have had someone make me one... OMGosh, this turned out horrendous!!  I am not much of a Modge Podger anyways, but I couldn't stop this trainwreck... Bubbles, and mor bubbles, and well.. at leasst this is the back of the clipboard, and I will take it to the office, but only I will see it...Anyone want to make me one?  Hahahaha

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party Favors

Every year, I throw my Hubby a birthday party... we are a little late with it this year, as the month of May was so dang busy for the both of us.  I am always trying to come up with something new as a Party favor, and even though my Hubby thinks we don't need them, I can't have a party without Party favors.
This year, since we are having a "smaller" party than usual, I thought I could do something a little different...since all of our friends drink wine, why not wine glasses...???
I went to the Dollar Store and found some really nice ones for a $1.00...surprised... I cleaned out two stores!  Washed them and then the work...I mean fun began...

I cut flip flops from Life's a Beach, and cut out about 40 of them... I was excited to put them on the glasses, when I realized they wouldn't go on very smooth and all they did was bubble up... not the look I was going I whipped out another cartridge with the phrase, "Good Times" and I cut those out instead!  Whew!  I needed a box to put them in, so I thought and made a quick rectangle box...(just the right size) and cut "Celebrate" to affix on the front of the box... 38 glasses done!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Not sure how it happened, but I volunteered to make Calendar pages for a Baby Shower we are having at work.  We will be guessing the day the baby is born as well as weight, and time of day!  $1.00 a guess!  So I made a calendar for the months of May and June.  The Mother to be, is having a girl, but not real fond of the color PINK!  WHAT???  My favorite color and all... so what to do?  I went purple...I hunted through all my scraps to find purples to match and something cute for the Onesie's...This was as girlish as I had in that color...Oh well, it will work!  Not my finest work, but for the purpose it was intended for, it turned out OK...They did however, make me want to make myself a Calendar next year...:)  This was my first time using Designer Calendars... An  Awesome cartridge to own.  Lots and lots of little extras on there...

Friday, May 11, 2012


I was flipping through the Tie the Knot cartridge and found this cute cut on it...I cut them at 5-1/4" and cut the flower at 3".    I cut out lots of flowers, as I had it looking different in my head than what it actually looks like... ( I'll use the flowers for a different project! )  Now, wouldn't this be a pretty centerpiece for a shower, luncheon or wedding?  Thanks for looking...

Battery tea light used

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strawberry Box

I love the Fry Box on the TBBM2 cartridge.  I happened to look through an old cartridge and found a chocolate covered strawberry on it, and thought how fun that would be as a gift box.  So I cut it out and put this together rather quickly!!  Just right for a Gift card...
Cartridges used:  TBBM2 and Celebrate with Flourish

Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's a Party!!

Party Hat
Yep, my Hubby's Birthday is today!!  His birthday falls on Cinco De Mayo... which is a fun filled party day anyway... hahaha... I usually do a "cinco de mayo" theme for him, but I thought this time, we really aren't celebrating "cinco de mayo," but his Birthday!  So I thought it would be fun to make him a "Birthday Hat!"  No worries, I won't make him wear it, but I thought I would wrap up a little goodie or two and put under the hat... as well as the "crackers" I made from TBBM2.  I filled them with confetti, and dark chocolate Hersey kisses!  I hope they POP when they open!!

I will put these out the night before, so he has something to see 1st thing in the morning, while he is making me my coffee!!  Hahahahahahaha

Side View

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May Day!
I have seen such darling little "cones" out there lately, and I wondered, how I could make one... Well, truth is, I have the Tie the Knot cartridge, and there is a cone on there... Hooray!!!  I cut these at 6" and then wondered what I would do with them... well, of course, the paisley patterned paper screamed for something dainty and pretty, so I put a pretty flower on it with ribbon... filled with some Hersey Kisses... what a "sweet" gift ...

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