Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gone Running...

As you may already know, I love running...I enjoy the freedom it gives me as well as the time to clear my head.  These types of running clocks are very popular!  The popular one costs $5.00 to buy!  How cheap am I... that I think I could make my own cheaper!  Well, the paper didn't cost me anything...but the time it took to make these was more than $5.00!!!  Hahaha... These are certainly original!

I used Graphically Speaking- a cartridge I had to have and never used.. as well as Sports Mania for the runner!  I love that cut!!  I laminated the clocks and hands for durability.  I run during my lunch hour and I thought this would be fun to put at my desk while I'm out...Hahaha  I think I'll give the other one to a friend.  Gotta Run!!  :)

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