Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken "Fry"

Well, these turned out cuter than I thought... I cut the Chick from Create a Critter and used my new Peachy Keen Stamps- Wide Eyed Kids- and then cut a yellow boa for the feathers (hair) note:  Boa's are not meant to be cut, so unless you like lots and lots of little feathers around your house... use feathers instead!  Using TBBM2 I cut out the Fry box at 5-1/2" and put the chick on top using dimensionals.  I thought these would make great Easter goodie boxes!!  I made 8 of these little guys... Thoughts?


  1. So cute!! And totally stealing for Easter! I was just looking for something to do for my daughter's Sunday school class. Totally lifting and modifying!

  2. lol...i cut a boa once....never again. i made something similar recently...i should post it...yours is completely adorable!