Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book markers

I made one of these Bookmarks last year, and just started using it, as I am studying from a pretty big book right now!!  Bookmarks, are kind of a thing of the past since the Kindle and other electronic readers.  But, when I opened my book marked page, I got a few compliments on how cute it was... and that made me of course, want to make another one!  ( Funny, how that is...) So without a plan in mind, I found some really pretty butterfly paper and decided to make a "Butterfly bookmark!"  So very simple and easy, these would make cute little gifts!  (It may make me read my book more...) Hahahaha...Thanks for looking!  Here is the link to the one I made last year...Corner BookMark

Directions for bookmark HERE

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  1. I made two of these corner bookmarks too. It's hard to believe how cheery they are. You have to see them in person to appreciate them. Absolutely adorable. Glad you are finding crafting time.