Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, I fell in love with a cart that is totally BOXES!!  I love making boxes more than when I saw this cartridge, I had to have much I paid full price for it from!!!  Whew!  But, it was delivered quickly and I have had hours of enjoyment building boxes... now I just need to "complete" them!
I also bought the scoring blade, and it works great, although, I read somewhere that you don't actually need it...
This box was very simple yet , I wouldn't want to make a ton of them as they cut pretty small.  I can't remember what size this one was, but I thought it would be bigger than it is... but they would make adorable treats boxes for a small party...

Side view


  1. OMG! What a sweet box! Which cartridge is it? To cute!

  2. I need to break down and just pay full price for this too. My ebay plan to save a few bucks is not working. Love this little box too. You have been having fun with this cart...and I've been having fun checking it all out.