Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dog House

As soon as I saw this cut on TBBM2 I hit the "buy now" button... I think this little house is so cute...Of, course, I love my two little furbabies and anything that reminds me of them!  I used TBBM2 and Paper Pups for this one...

love the hydrant!


  1. I am loving this cart..I don't have pets and still like this dog house..I have cut a few of them, this is cute.. I got one fit to page last night need to decorate it.

  2. Couldn't be any cuter....I think I see hubby in

  3. Alright you did it-Now I gotta go buy it! I've been on the fence for the last days as I have templates from Paper for most of the items so figured I was safe and now I'm not.

    They are so cute-You did a wonderful job on the dog house and enabling!!