Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hubby's Valentine's card

Well, I totally went un-traditional for me this year!  I am more a cute-sy type gal, with hearts and romantic type themes... but I bought this embossing folder, that looks like a tree, and I thought this would be perfect for an "olde fashioned" look...Using Sweethearts, I cut the couple silouettte at 4" and VOILA!  The simplest card yet!  My Hubby will look at it and say, "that's nice..." but I think it is just a s cute as any card I could buy in the store... that will probably be tossed anyways...Hahahahaha
As always, so glad you stopped by to take a peek...


  1. Great card! Love how you used the embossing folder as your inspiration. You should take the card back from your hubby and keep it in your craft room. I have a wall that holds some of the cards that I made a while back, just to inspire me. That way they don't get tossed. ;)

  2. Tina, I really love this!! I am going to have to get that embossing folder, because this card is so pretty!

  3. I love the simplicity of this is really quite a clever combination of elements. I absolutely love it!