Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Years!

I didn't get a chance to play much for Christmas... so I thought I would start the New Year off right, with a little something for me!  hahahha
Most of you know I run for fun... and the registration fees for races are very expensive!  Almost as expensive as Cricut!  I thought that for the upcoming year, I would try and save a little $$ for race registration fees for the next year!  I love the thought of banks, but they can be a little intimidating, when you walk past and don't see alot of $$ inside... so I thought of something I could tuck in a drawer for safe keeping!!
Using, Celebrate with Flourish,  TBBM, and Don Juan, I put together this little matchbox.  It will fit nice in my drawer, and hopefully, at this time next year, I will have enough $$ to register for some additional races!!  Hooray!!


  1. Great box and such a good idea to save money in.

  2. Tina, this is so cute. I wish you luck in saving money. I know with me, if I can see it I spend it. LOL
    I hope you and your family had a great Holiday.
    Hugs, Stacy

  3. This is soooo cute, and what a wonderful idea! Hope it works for you!!!

    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

  4. So nice project! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hey..saw your blog on FB on Karber's post. Thought I'd hop on over and glad I did...super cute box. New follower ;0) Love to have you visit me.

    Be blessed, Beckie