Friday, December 30, 2011

Bride and Groom Boxes

Since I bought this cartridge, Tying the Knot, I have been wanting to make these boxes... so I happend by the cartridge and thought, now would be a perfect time!  They were very easy to put together, but I wouldn't want to make these for a Wedding Party, unless you were just making a few!  Time consuming!  But, they would be great for a birthday, prom, or special occasion type of get together!
I cut these at 9" and not a lot fit in them... but maybe some Kisses or lip gloss?
I have a couple of friends getting married this year, so maybe I will save them and use a "topper" on a gift!


  1. I love these!! Would make great packaging for bride and groom gifts!

  2. Turned out very the embellishments you used.

  3. These are so pretty!! I bought that cartridge for those boxes specifically and have yet to make them.

  4. They are really cute, Tina. I wouldn't want to make multiples either...but they are darling.