Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Witches Brew

This EASY project turned into a whole days work!  I wanted to make a "Thank you" for a friend and I needed just a "little" something to go with it, so I thought, he drinks Root Beer, and I will decorate some Root Beer Bottles!  When did they stop making Root Beer in a Bottle??  Well, I found some plastic bottles and thought that should work just fine!
Now, I needed to decorate them a bit.  I used Happy Hauntings and cut the "frames" out at 3"...now these frames are very intricate and at 3" it was...well work!  Hahahahha... I was trying real hard to keep a positive attitude throughout this process...Once, I got them all put together, I cut orange paper to go around the bottle, and then using dimensionals I stuck the frames to the bottle.  Using plastic spiders-duh- I cut the tabs off them ( they were rings) and then using Hot Glue stuck them to the bottles as well, praying that the HOT glue wouldn't melt the plastic bottles!!!   Putting the plastic holder back on the bottles was a whole different story...so, then I got out my Bowdabra (sp?) that I use everyday- NOT... and tried to make a bow.  It turned out fluffy, and that was just perfect...A man doesn't need a dang bow anyway!!!  Here's the final product...lots of pictures!!  Now, I need a drink... a real one!!  Hahhahahaha

Intricate framework! hahahha


Finished Side 1

Finished Side 2


  1. These look amazing. You were brave to cut that frame so small. It must have taken hours just to cut the frames. I have to say the end result is spectacular. I love the glitter and the plastic spiders are a fun touch. I made some for my kiddo but nothing this elaborate. I used stickers cuz I was afraid of the time I would need to make cricut cuts, but yours are so much cooler with the extra effort! Way cute thank you gift!

  2. these are so cool you really did a beautiful job on these love all the details.

  3. These turned out so good. I love root beer and I know it is so hard to find the glass bottles anymore.

  4. How fun...great project! Your friend will love them! TFS!

    aka cyimbugbitten