Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Carried-Away" with bling

It's my Father-in-laws birthday next week, so I best get a card in the mail.  He is one that so appreciates my little cards and crafts that I send to him, it makes me feel guilty that I don't send him enough!  I really do not like making cards, since I am not that "gifted" in the card area.  I wanted to make something "man-ly" so I looked through half a million carts and this is what I came up with for him!  I used Everyday Pop-up cards, and I wanted to do a shape card...I have such fantastic ideas in my head, and they never really pan out...so I used lots of bling, and there you go!  One thing for sure, he will LOVE it... and he always makes a point to call me and tell me so...that means the WORLD to me!  (Even, though I know some of the cards are not that great!!)
As always, thanks for stopping by... make sure to visit this weekend, as I will be doing a Halloween Blog Hop with some Blog Candy!!!


  1. You puzzle me when you say you are not a talented card maker....I wonder why you think that? All of your cards are super cute....and this one, while I can't say cute (cuz that's not particularly manly), I can say fabulous. I think it's a wonderful card, and love that you worked glitter into it, yet it's still manly. Not an easy feat. Great work, Tina! I wish my FIL was a little more like yours...how sweet!

  2. This card turned out great. I think making cards is my least favorite craft, I would much rather do a layout. I really need to get started on my Christmas Cards at some point since this year seems to be flying by.