Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumpkin Hand Sanitizers

I mentioned that I bought enough Hand Sanitizers from Bath and Body Works to make more of these... so I figured I would get them done...I didn't want "spooky" Halloween hand sanitizers left AFTER Halloween... what it s the fun in giving it to someone then???  Hahhaha
Anyways, I used the pumpkin from Gypsy Wanderings... it had a cute face, and I punched out a yellow circle to put behind the face so it looked like it was "lit-up!"  Turned out cute...right?
Thanks for looking!!!


  1. those are very cute....i love the spider web embossing....i can't tell you how many times i have gotten something for a holiday and not made anything with it....there's always next year.. ;)

  2. I love this idea Tina!!! You do such amazing things and make it look so simple. I spend hours trying to come up with ideas. How did you make the box toehold the sanitizer in? hugs!! Becky

  3. It's Becky Craig btw from Purple ;0)