Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Cheers!

I found these "cozy's" at Michael's for $1.00 and thought they would make great Halloween Drink holders...lucky here in AZ, we have warm temperatures for the little Trick O' Treaters, so usually the neighbors all sit outside on our front driveway's and pass out candy!  So of course, passing out candy can make one thirsty... so I figured I would need something cute to hold my drink in... hahhaha

I used Celebrate with Flourish (lite) and cut out this adorable witch in vinyl and adhered to the "cozy!"


  1. Oh these are too cute. I bought a couple of these at Michaels earlier this week and now I can't wait to decorate them after seeing how cute yours turned out.

  2. these came out cute...i never think to use the ones i have...just about get used to warm and it's time to get cold up here (or so it seems)

  3. Hey Tina,
    I'd be happy to share my design studio cut file with you for those test tube holders. I got the test tubes cheap here - - they are what is in the test tube holder. If you want it, leave a note on my blog or send me a pm through the messageboard with your email address so I can send it as an attachment. And, thanks for the sweet comments!